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Evan is standing infront of beer machinery. He is wearing a blue polo that has a collar. He has on dark colored glasses. He has light colored hair and light colored skin.
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Evan Blum is an accomplished beverage industry professional, with years of experience at Nestle Waters Supply Chain. While he has enjoyed his work in the industry, Evan's true passion lies in supporting local businesses that strengthen communities.

After graduating from Temple University, Evan discovered the world of craft beer and quickly became enamored with its rich flavors and vibrant culture. He is passionate about all aspects of the craft beer experience, from the welcoming atmosphere of taprooms to the excitement of beer festivals. For Evan, craft beer is about more than just the beer itself-it's about the food, the company, and the sense of community that comes with enjoying a great pint. Today, Evan is committed to using social media marketing to introduce a new generation of social drinkers to the world of local craft beer.

FUN FACT: Evan is a die-hard Sixers fan and has a passion for movies and a soft spot for dogs.

Cole is standing infront of a brick wall. he is smiling. He is wearinga dark-colored t-shirt that says BrewedAt. He has light colored hair and a beard, he has light colored skin.
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Having drank only classic light beers like Miller and Bud in college, Cole’s first taste of craft beer opened his eyes to the creative possibility that can be found in a drink that was once just automatic. This inspired him to seek new breweries. 


While exploring new breweries he found not only his next favorite brew, but also a unique and friendly community. As creative director, Cole aims to use his photography and marketing skills to present breweries beer, food and atmosphere in a way that invites people to take a sip of a new beer and join that community as well.  With Cole's keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of the craft beer experience, he is able to connect breweries with new audiences and inspire them to try new brews.

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Richie Tevlin

Podcast Host  | Beer Expert

Richie is a classically trained brewer with over eight years of professional brewing and production experience. After graduating from Penn State in 2015 with a business degree and a minor in light lager consumption, Richie decided to forgo a real job and pursue a career in craft beer. He is a graduate of the American Brewers Guild’s Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering Program and has held various roles at Flying Dog, Philadelphia Brewing and Victory Brewing Company where he was the Head Brewer at their Center City Taproom. Richie's following his passion to next open up his own brewery in Philadelphia.

He is excited to sit down with the movers and shakers of Philadelphia’s vibrant beer scene and give the listeners an insider’s perspective into what makes this industry so special.

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Emily Galvelis

Graphic Designer

Emily is an art director and digital designer based in Brooklyn, NY who loves a crisp lager or fruited sour. With experience in advertising, branding, and music merch, she enjoys pushing herself to create visuals that draw-in and inspire others. The world of craft beer has opened doors for her to dive into a world of colors, illustrations, and unleashed possibilities.

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Rahi Raval


Rahi Raval is a director and cinematographer based in the Philadelphia area. Since graduating from Temple University in 2020 with a bachelor's degree in film production, he has worked on commercial product sets, shooting on locations and sound stages around the country, as well as producing his own films. Having developed a passion for the beer culture, he has been integrating his film background into the beer social media scene, employing creative camera shots and establishing distinct tones for each video based on the festival & brewery setting.

BrewedAt | Craft Beer | Food and Beverage
BrewedAt | Craft Beer | Food and Beverage

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